Thursday, 24 January 2013 00:20

Tallinn Streets

Front Cover of A Rambling Dictionary of Tallinn Street NamesPerhaps one of the healthiest (or at least lowest-fat) forms of bulimia is greed for words. I once began a dictionary of the world’s most extraordinary, and immediately gave up. The undertaking was impossible. Even a simple dictionary of cheese the remarkably prolific and genius writer Casanova confessed to be beyond him. We enter niche, sub-niche, micro-niche and then start specializing. In detail you die. But a town is relatively static. The occasional path is paved, or overlaid with mayorly macadam and municipal mention, but it takes time. And so did this, but at least I finished it and put it away. Of interest to students of Finno-Ugric odonymy. Limited.

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